Love letter 21 | Candice Kristen II? / Juniorette?

Like mother like daughter?

Dear World,

This is probably the shortest letter that I’ve written to you to date. I don’t like talking too much all the time for your information.

I’ve been told by some of your natives that it’s taboo or pretty close to being taboo if a mother names her daughter after herself. I’m pretty convinced that those people in particular are very closed-minded and possibly live under some rock somewhere.

According to them, if I, Candice Kristen should have a daughter (in the very far future of course) and wish to name her Candice Kristen *and whatever her father’s surname will be*, it’ll be seen as taboo. Really though? Taboo? Come on man.  Give me a break here. Men get the opportunity to have their surnames carried for generations upon generations. The men also have the opportunity, without being labeled as taboo, to name their sons after themselves. Picture it with me World, a bunch of “Seniors” and “Juniors” and “seconds” and “thirds” with the male species but women must settle with Sue, Ann and Mary? Why? Tell me why?

Some of your other natives may give me a sociological response which goes like this

Western society was based on patriarchal kinship and men took prominence historically by women having to take their surnames. Therefore it makes no sense for a woman to pass her name down because her surname will change anyway. Men however could keep the given name(s) and surname combination going for generations to come. – Emma Kaur 2010

  • How about I make it nonsense for a woman to settle with the expected “baby daughter naming” task of not even considering naming the little baby girl after her mom?
  • How about we create matriarchy or better yet make it stronger because in my World, World, Matriarchy is the ish and patriarchy is somewhere in the slow lane. How about we do that? hmm?

World, I care zero about the sociological explanation. Should I have a daughter (in the very far future of course) I shall name her Candice Kristen. As for the Candice Kristen “II” or “Juniorette” is concerned, I’ll pass. I’m not cruel (not in that regard at least). There is no way I’d want my girl child to experience any teasing because she has ” juniorette” or “II” attached to her name.

The point is that I’d like to have my name carried for generations too. The men can’t hog all the glory. They simply can not. If I’m labeled as being weird for wanting this, then create a bumper sticker that says “Candice is weird” and stick it on my bumper. Life goes on and my name gets carried for generations to come. Simple.

To all the Worldly natives reading this, comment at will.

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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