Love letter #9

I hate waiting in vain.

Dear World,

Suburbia never fails to satisfy my ego but your people seem to be a part of my superego. The women and men that you call your natives are always denying my need for instant gratification when I wait in line to served in any capacity. What the hell is up with that? Everything that your people do is supposedly to be with order and structure. As such people have to wait to do what they need to do. Nothing is wrong with waiting but you need to teach your people that waiting in line or being in some sort of order means that when I’m at the top of the line or list (or whatever it is I am waiting in) I should be served damn it!  After-all, I waited my turn. I do not expect the person behind me to be served ahead of me. No! That is utter rubbish. And don’t you dare tell me, “maybe their order came through before mine”. I’m not having it so don’t tell me crap. If that’s the case, then I see no reason to wait in any sort of line. The whole purpose of being in queues is defeated and you know it.

Every damn where I go I see your “system of order”failing.

I go to the fast food restaurant with the number “a” to get my order and the person with number “c” gets through with their order before me and the person who has “b”. Are you mad, World?! Or maybe it’s just your native folks – Tell me now. I’m sick and tired of asking your people who serve the customers if they can count. It must be that they can’t count. Why else would a higher number come before a lower number? That foolishness can not and does not happen in my  neck of the woods – Suburbia. (just saying). Apparently when I speak up against this injustice I’m seen as being rude. I nuh care what your people want to say, World. Wrong is wrong and I will speak when I see wrong. If the people who set the “system of order” can’t even follow their own system why the hell is it still in place?

I go to collect my bag from the school library check-in counter and the person behind me gets their bag first. Why? Explain that to me. The library people preach order and structure and still I get served after the person that was behind me?! Those things cause me to curse “kakafawt” in my mind and every now and again aloud. We might as well scrap the numbering and line system cause that’s an illusive tactic to make people who were born yesterday believe that order is present in the place. I wasn’t born yesterday and their attempts to trick me always fail.

I go to the bank to carry out a few transactions. Imagine an “end of the month, start of the month and paying tuition packed bank” kind of bank. I join the line when its outside and when I finally reach close to the top somebody that hardly knows me (or who speaks to me only when they want something) asks me to give them a bligh. World, I know you know me well enough to know that my facial expression tells them to chuck off a bridge. I say “oh, i’m sorry, but no. you have to wait in line just as I did or ask someone else”. World, your native at that  point has the audacity to look at me and tell me how I’m mean and wicked and says, “yuh nuh si how di line long an yuh wah me join dat?”. In situations like that, I can not keep my mouth shut. I just can’t. I therefore, (in my upset, well spoken voice) I give them a piece of my mind and then go ahead to conduct my business. Can you imagine!? My sister would say “him drink mad puss piss”. My brother would just look at him from head to toe and give a wry smile. lol!

Why is it so hard for folks to follow protocol and wait or even learn to count (and know that lower numbers come before higher ones) ? What annoys me most is, if I don’t (in the words of my brother, Paul “mek noise”), I’ll be waiting in vain and probably get served last.

I’m not having that. Not a boxcover.

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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