Love letter #7 | First tenet of the Optimist Creed

The wills of life || I will not be discouraged || Fill your glass

Dear World,

This is an open love letter to people of the world.

I hereby commit myself to helping you stay “so strong that nothing can disturb their peace of mind”.

World, I love you and your native people. (sometimes). This is one such time.   As imperfect as life is, we (yes, including me) all try to make it as perfect as possible. Perfect is`relative by the way – I know that you know, World, but do your people know?  They should. What I classify to be perfect may be as imperfect as it comes for another. We should however strive for the perfection in our own lives despite what may happen along the way.

Bad things happen and discouraging things too. I get it. I speak as a Suburban girl who lives within the world. I know the ills of life too as I experience some of my own but I also know many of the joys in life. When I think about it, that joy outweighs the sorrow 100% of the time. I get it. 

People of the world, we all wish that things could be different, that things could be better. In order to see your joys outweigh your sorrows you should look at the glass as having something in it. That “something” could be water or air (technically speaking). Your glass should never be empty. The next thing you should do is decide on what you want to be in your glass (doesn’t have to be water or air). What you put in your glass is totally up to you.

Mine is filled with tears(of joy and happiness), pure sweetness, music, paints, crayons and a whole lot of love and positive energy. That’s my cocktail. What’s yours?

Being so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind

A very big misconception of being strong is that if you cry and express vulnerability that you are considered weak and useless. WRONG! 

Being strong in no way suggests that one must never cry or show any form of vulnerability. I used to think that. I now believe that shedding a few tears and screaming (if deemed necessary) are ingredients to the recipe, “be so strong that nothing can disturb peace of mind”. Crying often and using your tears as an excuse to fail is the moment you become weak and seemingly useless. 

Don’t be discouraged if you have moments of weakness. Embrace them, and if you need a pep talk give yourself one or go to a trusted friend. They will know what to do. I believe that it is through moments of darkness and vulnerability that people truly learn how to rise above it all.

Being strong in no way, shape  or form mean that you should do it all on your own. Ask for help and graciously accept genuine help that is offered. Working together with others helps to build you up as a person and makes you stronger than you were before.

Be positive that things will work out. Speak it into being. Will it into being. Work hard for it to happen! Don’t just sit on your laurel hoping and praying for something to happen. That, my friends is called perpetual laziness. Being strong also includes working your ass off. No more lazy mentality towards anything that you set out to do.

Last but not least, always go back to the contents of your glass and them because they essentially make up who you are and will be what you share with the wider world.

Sprinkle some of whatever you have in the glass on the world. Make it good things.

I bid you adieu with a song from Chronixx –

People of the world, I will talk to you soon. World, I talk to you constantly so don’t get jealous.

Signed with love,

Candice  K.


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  1. Simeca says:

    Hmm. made me think about what’s in my glass or its lack thereof. I like this one


    1. Thank you dear. Think about it and fill your glass. The contents may change from time time. Just remember to hold that glass close.


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