Suburban Telegram #4 | Thyme is Precious

Dear World.

Let me tell you this.

Time and thyme are not to be played with. Your thyme is precious!

Do not. I repeat – do not allow anyone to take your thyme and play around with it to cook their own food.

Let me explain.

Time and thyme, for the purpose of this telegram, are the same.

I’ve made it so because yours truly have conceptualised time to also mean ‘thyme’.

The Message

We use thyme in our cooking to prepare the food that we want. And we use or time to plan, execute and prepare for the life we want. So yes, they’re kind of synonymous.

Yes. They are.

There’s no way that you will need thyme for specific meals and allow someone to take it away to feed their own life.

(If you do, check your priorities.)

So why on earth will you allow someone to take your time as if it matters not to you? It’s not a toy and, how you share thyme says much about who you are.

I heard somewhere that thyme has a delicate flavour and that it would take a lot to overpower a recipe.

So, a few seconds or minutes might not seem like much. However, when you add them up over time, you will get an overwhelming amount of time that gets used up!

Heed my warning.

Consider a sprig of thyme equivalent to a minute of your time. Let no one use up your thyme recklessly.

Are you a thyme waster? Are you a time stealer?

Cook the meals of your life with your thyme and do it on your own time. Don’t play around with other people’s time/thyme either.

If you’re guilty…please to stop it.

Signed with love,



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