Love Letter #42 | Hang them out to dry!

Dear World,

I’ve heard about the negative connotation of “hanging someone/something out to dry”. This act suggests that you’re leaving them in a difficult, uncomfortable and vulnerable situation all on their own.

But, it does not have to be associated with negativity.

How about assigning the meaning of “ably helping someone transition from a vulnerable space into one that is more secure and comfortable”?

Here’s an example: When I do my laundry, I hand wash, pop them in the washer, I then get my basin, my clothes pins and I hang my wet clothes on the line for them to dry.

And far as I know, the end product of that process is positive. I mean, I end up with sun dried and breeze fresh clothes, underwear and linen.

There are folks, however, who prefer to use a dryer or have their things handled by the laundomat. More power to them, I guess. But, that’s not for me.

It’s my opinion, but I think the dryer adds more undue stress to an already stressful situation.

The question is, “why not hang my things out to dry?!”

The regular laundry process can be a bit rough on material of all kinds. They go from being in the wash basket, move to being hand washed, placed in the washer; get all wrangled, crumpled and wet. If you take the route of a dryer, your items will have to endure at least 1 hour of tremendous heat. For what? Being dried faster?

I’d need a break after the first half of the laundry process.

What you can do is to liken yourself to cloth of any kind being used, worn and then thrown in the wash.

That’s what I do. And, quite honestly… I prefer if you hang me out to dry so that I may blow with the wind and relax after going through the wringer.

After being man handled, wrangled and crumpled, I’ll have to regain my strength. I’ll build my capacity to ride the flow of the wind at any strength. I’ll endure the heat as I bask in the sun. In the end, i’ll be fit to handle other rounds in the struggles life throw my way. I’ll be clean and refreshed.

Give this alternate way of visioning a spin. You may like, you may not. But, give it a try. Float with the wind amd bask in the sun.

Give thanks for small mercies in being sun-dried and breeze fresh.

Signed with love,



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  1. Ms Jermaine says:

    Reblogged this on Ital Reasons and commented:
    I like it! Its hard when you think about facing your struggles. We always want to easier route out. Just like doing laundry if you do that, then the effects may not be beneficial.

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