Love Letter #31 | My life as a Sitcom III

Dear World,

You are full of annoying surprises.

I bleached in the library all night doing constructive work. I got quite a lot done, so it was only perfectly appropriate that I treat myself to a Juici breakfast. After all, I deserved it. Right? Right! As soon as the library closed, I headed over to the restaurant that was closed. I waited for 30 minutes for opening time… anticipating the awesomeness that I was about devour. While waiting, I found money. I was quite thrilled. Couldn’t tell the last time I found money on the ground saying “pick me up and spen meh!!”. I did what any normal person did. I responded to the money “Oh, you sweet darling! You don’t have to say another word”, and then picked it up. In my mind, I was about to purchase food that would have been even better. I thought this as my day started off pretty well; I spoke to my mother, found money and was about to get sexy food for breakfast.

I reach in, placed my order and paid with the money that I had just found. After going home with my sexilicious meal, I opened the container to see that the lady who served me cheated me out of one of my pieces of ‘food’, I did not get one of my fired dumplins. *kiss mi teet*. I was so livid! After I work up my appetite and told myself to prepare for a great meal with everything that I asked for… Mi did vex man.

Because I was hungry and because the restaurant was way out at woie woie, I didn’t even bother to go back and cuss. I reconditioned my mind and ate my meal and tried to enjoy it as though it was the ‘complete’ meal that I ordered. I really don’t think you understand how disappointed I felt. That was one fried dumplin that  I surely missed.

World, I hated you for that moment in time. You cheated me mi dumplin.

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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